The best way to fight Big Wind's special interest lobbyists in Washington is to get involved at the grassroots level.  Below you will find the materials you need to be a Wind Power Broker.  Thank you for standing up for free markets and standing against crony capitalism.  With your help, we can end these taxpayer handouts to millionaire and billionaire corporations and investors that distort energy markets and drive up energy prices on average Americans.


Be sure to bring the handout linked above to any meeting you attend with your elected officials.  Deliver the document and the message that you are a voter and you OPPOSE WIND WELFARE!


Don't forget, your elected officials work for YOU!  You are a taxpayer and you are a voter.  It is time they know that you are sick and tired of watching Big Government in Washington, DC awarding Big Wind and making your electricity bills go up, up, up.  Call your Member of Congress or your Senator and let them know, enough is enough! 

Call (202)-224-3121 to access the U.S. Capitol switchboard and speak directly with your Congressional office. If you do not know your U.S. Congressperson, click HERE to find out.